Top 10 Best iPad 2 Themes – 2011

The first tablet was brought by Apple in the form of iPad 2nd most popular gadget in the world. Well that’s about the product and now we have to talk about customization, i mean decorating your IPA tablet with some awesome backgrounds, icons, widgets and with some top themes.

First of all you have to jailbreak your iPad 2 before you go through, for that you can use jailbreaking tools which are available on the web either tethered or untethered. You might have a question on why should your tablet must be jailbroken? Here’s the answer, because Apple store doesn’t have iPad themes and the only way you can grab those are from Cydia store and that can only be done after jailbreaking your iPad device.

After jailbreaking done you can head over to Cydia as a user and search for “Winterboard“, after seeing simply install it , now you can be able to download themes for your Apple tablet and install 2, 3, or 4 themes on your iPad in a simple way. For you i have chosen some great looking and best themes that will surely change your device look.

I already posted 10 innovating  iPhone 4 HD Themes that are compatible with iPod Touch 4G running iOS 5.0/5.0.1/5.1 firmware versions. If you want to do some amazing things like these, then you can get some awesome tools to make it done. So that you can change the lockscreen’s, folder icons, wallpapers and many more to make your iPad 2  more beautiful.

Select from the best iPad 2 Themes list below

1.  Air

Air iPad 2 Theme Link

2. Black’UPS Darkness

Black Ups iPad 2 Theme - Darkness Link

3. Buff Port theme

Buff Port Best iPad 2 Theme - 2011 Link

4. First JX

First JX iPad 2 Theme Link

5. iFlat

Theme for iPad 2 - iFlat Link

6. iSublime

iPad 2 Theme - iSublime Link

7. The LS Theme

Theme for iPad 2 - LS Link

8. Endroid LS Dreamboard Port

iPad 2 Endroid LS Dreamboard iPad  Theme Link

9. AppleWeb Lockscreen

AppleWeb Lockscreen iPad 2 Theme Link

10. Clear and Classy Lockscreen

Ipad Themes supports iPad 2 Link

Think this list is enough for now and if you want more themes for your iPhone 4 or 4S devices, then please feel free to get those awesome themes from here.