Top 10 Best iOS 7 Hidden Features Revealed In This Post

Apple has finally released its new version of mobile operating system – the iOS 7, now available to download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users throught the world. One hundred days and several huundreds of bug fixes after its announcement, the official iOS 7 firmware launched with some big changes, obviously with a great look and a whole new features list. Upto 25+ secret features are revealed on the iOS 7, hidden inside the settings section in the OS. Top on it we have now selected the 10 best features of iOS 7 and share with you today. Full details after this break!

It said with 200+ new features ready to boot, iOS 7 for iPhone 5, 4s, 4, iPad 3, iPad mini, iPod touch 5G is gold mine waiting to be explored to its full prospective. Already, we have published some tips and tricks on how to fix battery life and how to save battery life running iOS 7 on the device. It’s believed that you should try it out right now.


Get set and go!

1. Starting with Using Safari On iOS 7

Launching Safari for the first time after the updating to iOS 7 on iPhone 4, I was shocked. Certainly there is lot to learn from the new Tap layout, which is unified search and address bar. Using Safari on iOS 7, at first you’ll notice a different address bar, and there’s no two different textfileds, one for entering a URL and the other to search, Instead Apple mixed two fields into one Smart Search field.

What it means? You being an iOS user now only enter URL or serach query in the same field, and the OS is too smart to tell the difference. Most important is that you’ll notice iOS suggests Top Hits for Web sites and popular searches based on the string of text entered. Yet another useful feature is when you want to quickly see all the tweets in your timeline with URLs / links in them? Simply launch Safari browser, press the bookmarks button – which looks like an open book, now press the @button on top. Volla! All the tweets with links in one place. You have to first of all signed in to your Twitter account in Settings -> Twitter in order to use Safari tweat feature to work.

2. Enable Motion Sensing Controls on iOS 7

Launch Siri or press the Home button by simply tilting your head sideways on launch the Notification Center by tilting head to left. iOS 7 allows all these actions possible only if Motion Sensing Controls are enabled on the device. Head over to Settings > General > Accessibility > Switch Control to turn it on. Now go to Switches and set up switches to perform different actions.

3. Turning Parallax On or Off

Here we got some great Parallax wallpapers to go with iOS 7’s new genuine look. Apart this, what actually is Parallax? It’s a new iOS 7 Parallax effect on wallpaper – or 3D wallpapers as we originally like to call them. Obviously, this feature will certainly drain your device battery life. Simply turn Parallax off right now. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion and turn it on or off, For better charge life!

4. Enable / Disable Bold Text or Change Font Size system-wide

IMG_0018 IMG_0017

The default iOS 7’s fonts or its size is somewhat small & thin. Bold it up or change the font size! Head over to Settings > General > Accessibility > and enable Bold Text. Changing system wide font size is pretty simple. For that! Head over to Settings > General > Text Size and adjust the font size to your choice.

5. Block Calls and Unwanted Messages

Interesting and helpful feature comes with iOS 7, which can block calls and unnecessary messages to be received from unknown contact numbers. Open the contact which might disturbing you, scroll all the way down in contact list and tap Block this Caller. Boom! The contact weill never be able to bug you anymore again. Same manner want to manage blocked messages? Simply head over to Settings > Messages > Blocked. This also applies to FaceTime and iMessages.

6. Use Siri To Enable or Disable System Toggles

Siri on iOS 7 vasty improved and shed its beta tag as well and helps user to get real-time weather updates, dial a contact number, setting reminders etc. Press and hold the Home button to launch Siri and say – for example – ‘Turn Wi-Fi on’ and Siri will turn WiFi for you. Same works for Bluetooth and other system toggles like say Airplane Mode on. It does for you!

7. Enable / Disable Control Center in Lock Screen or Apps


Danger in your foot steps, if you mistakenly launching Control Center on the lock screen or running apps? Intruder can access your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without your permission. Why not disable it? Go to Settings > Control Center and enable or disable access to Control Center on the lock screen or apps. Tip works pretty fine in terms of security and privacy reasons.

8. Use Swipe Gestures To Go Back One Screen

In iOS 7, you can now use swipe gestures to go a screen back, rather than pressing that old back button on the display. In Messages for example, if you’re in a thread, simply swipe from the left corner towards the right, and you’ll then taken to the main Messages window. This feature works throughout iOS 7, like Mail, Settings, Contacts etc.

9. Updating App Content In The Background


It’s another worst feature that swallows your battery. Use an app frequently but don’t like to refresh everytime you launch it? iOS 7 has the ability. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and enable all the apps you wish to update themselves in the background. Only select those applications which are most relevant for you to be updated.

10. Take Square Pictures Using Camera App

The native Camera app in iOS 7 now allows you to take square photos at the same time lets you take Panorama snaps  to set them as Lock Screen Wallpaper for added effect. Square photo can be enabled like this. Launch Camera app, and swipe to the right to take photos in square proportions. You can use the same swiping gesture to go through Panorama and Video modes. Enable Parallax mode for this one! Use a panorama photo as your lock screen wallpaper with the cool spinning effect.


Lots more are hidden out there in iOS 7. Ten of the best feature have been released and counting soon appear on this blog. Dynamic wallpapers is supported by iOS 7, in short: animated wallpapers. Go to Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > Choose Wallpaper > Dynamic, and certainly there are bunch of animated wallpapers to set as wallpaper on home screen. Turn automatic App updates On / Off from here!

Note: This animation featured wallpapers will not support for iPhone 4 devices. And I am an iPhone 4 owner and I got still wallpapers in the wallpapers section.

These are my choice of iOS 7 features that are unknown to many Apple device users. Helpful?