Top 10 Best Features In iOS 8 Beta 4 Discovered!

New beta release of iOS 8 from Apple brings new surprises which improves the overall functionality of the mobile OS. And iOS 8 beta 4 is no different, and adds some significant bundle of features with noticeable changes. Tips and trics can be checked after this break!

The iOS 8 beta 4 includes several minor interface tweaks and modifications that make the beta version faster and more unique. Gathered some comprehensive list of the enhancements that have bundled into the release below.


Brand New “Tips” App

The Tips app was actually hinted at during WWDC 2014 which has now surfaced in iOS 8 beta 4, giving users tips on how to use iOS 8 on a weekly basis. The new Tips app lets new users find their way around iOS 8 and features small, useful tidbits that will help any being to become a pro user in no time. With new tips coming directly from Apple every week within the app, which in return one of the best hidden gem lurk underneath Cupertino’s latest and greatest mbile OS.

For instance, “there are directions on using quick notification responses, sending voice messages, using notifications for Mail responses, activating Siri hands-free, and more. The Tips app is a default iOS app and cannot be uninstalled.”

Control Center

Completely redesigned Control Center now ties in well with the overall look and feel of iOS 8. Now, removes the black borders around the icons on the top and bottom and turns icons white when activated. And iOS 8 beta 4 brings the falvor of a more streamlined design!

Bug Reporter App Removed

The Bug Reporter app that came installed by default in previous betas has been removed now in iOS 8 beta 4.

Display Settings

The iOS 8 beta 4 includes a new Display & Brightness sections that’s been unbundled from Wallpaper, with options to adjust screen brightness, text size, and activate bold text. Apple has made a small change to how brightness is altered from the Settings app, previously, the brightness setting could be found under the ‘Wallpapers & Brightness’ tab. Now modified it!


New HomeKit Icon

In iOS 8 beta 4, Apple has given the HomeKit icon a very small makeover. The Privacy section of the Settings app has gained a new Home Data icon.


Seperate expiry options for audio / video messages included in iOS 8 beta 4. The Messages section of the Settings app has new options for Messages storage. Under Settings > Messages, beta 4 has a new option that allows you set expiry time for video and audio messages separately.

Note: The Text-to-Type option in Messages now displays spoken text in real time rather than waiting for an entire message to be complete before displaying text.

New Handsoff & Suggested Apps Feature

There’s a new option in the Settings app to toggle Handoff on and off. A new option Handoff & Suggested Apps has been added under Settings > General which lets you turn on or off the ability to show apps relevant to your location on the lock screen or the app switcher, which it includes suggestions from apps that are installed on your device, or from the App Store.

New Swipe Options Setting In Mail

Under the same Mail, Contacts, Calendars setting in iOS 8 beta 4, there’s a new feature called Swipe options under the Mail heading. Swipe left and swipe right gestures in the Mail app can be assigned to different functions in the new native Mail app.


Under the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars heading in the Settings app, there’s a new option to toggle off Favorites and Recents for Contacts within the App Switcher.


The Calories section of theHealth app has now been split into Active, Dietary, and Resting calories.

Emoji Keyboard Icons

It’s been updated with a happier simpley face and in iOS 8 beta 4, the icon for Emoji on the keyboard has been upgraded.

iCloud Photo Library

It is now possible to select a length of time when pausing iCloud Photo Lubrary in the iCloud section of the Settings app.

Finally, one of the most inituitive iOS’s accessibility features, the AssistiveTouch now lets you access the Notification Center or Control Center with a simple tap of a button. You can access AssistiveTouch by navigating to Settings > General > Accessibility and then tapping on AssistiveTouch under the Physical & Motor heading.

Additional features in iOS 8 beta 4 will be added here as they are discovered. iOS 8 launch is expected to be released to public in the Fall. Stay tuned!

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