Tizen-Powered Samsung Dual-SIM Phone With 4-Inch Display Spotted At The FCC [Certified]

Samsung after announcing its two highly-rumored mid-range speced Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3 yesterady, made an entry to target young generation and that’s not all. Also prepping to introduce the world with its own Tizen OS-running smartphones. Full detals after this fold!

Although Samsung’s been theoretically launching Tizen smartphones left and right for years and we’ve yet to see whether that shipping product running on Tizen mobile OS, once seriously thought to be able to take on Android.

It now looks like we are even closer to the release of the first Samsung Tizen handset, which won’t be a top-end like the highly-anticipated Samsung Z, rather packs low-end offerings that might be headed to India as soon as next month.


With SM-Z130H model number, first spotted in a few import listings for sccessories on an hidden tracker back in July, and now, it’s been certified for sale by the FCC.

However, the Commission’s documets doesn’t show up much light on the phone specs, except that it will have a dual-SIM support, 3G, WiFi, and Bluetooth. As per the import listing from India, it is said to come with a 4-inch touchscreen.

Measures around 103mm for the height and 51mm for the width. Its physical diagonal size is around 105mm (4.0 inches).


The Samsung smartphone (SM-Z130H) will have to be very cheap in order to sell, given that the mobile software platform will come with that which haven’t proven as yet.

Source: FCC | Via