Download Timeriffic For Android To Set Custom WiFi, Data, Ringtone & Notification Sounds, Media/System Volume Profiles Based On Time Of Day

There are several ways you can find in Android devices, which has the ability to set up customized by your own (user) in ways that iOS users don’t have. With the help of Timeriffic for Android, the application which has been updated v1.09.12 lets you set up custom WiFi, 3G/4G, custom notification sounds, ringtones, and also run/close apps based on your location’s date and time. This all can be done when you make the aforementioned statement is the ability to set time and location-based profiles for your device.

Apps like Tasker is an enthusiast favorite because of its deep customization features, Llama and Locale good alternatives because they offer a similar feature set with a much less complicated interface.

When we talk about Timeriffic, it can be considered to be a Tasker-alternative in the attention that lets you control different features of your device based on certain conditions that you set yourself. The major difference lies in the Timeriffic lets you set “profiles” based on time and time alone, unlike Tasker which works with locations as well.

As described in Google Play:

Time: Finite …and now well managed.

    Control mute, vibrate, brightness, wifi and airplane on/off custom to your schedule. Create your own profiles, by time and day.

Simple. Easy. Timeriffic.

Example: unmute audio @ 7am; turn off vibrate and audio at 10pm for sweet dreams. Locale and Tasker alternative.

Many have tested this app on their Samsung Galaxy S II on Android 4.0.3 ICS running device and confirmed that it works as advertised it.

After launching the app, you’ll be presented with your Timeriffic profiles. Which can be customized, edit profiles so that, your phone can go into silent mode when you’re at work, simply go back to normal in off-work hours and turn-off WiFi at night. While the interface isn’t simple as Locale, but once you understands how it works, you’ll be able to get maximum possible usability out of it. Like it lets you set custom WiFi, data, ringtone & notificationsounds, media/system volume profiles based on time of day.

Timeriffic is a free app which has moved to, it can be downloaded from the embedded link below.

Download Timeriffic [Play Link]