This Third-Party Keyboard For iOS 8 Lets You Draw Your Messages With Ease


Ever thought about sending a friend a message that you drew by yourself from your iPhone or iPad? iOS 8 has immensely opened up the expressive way for third-party keyboards and the developers however are busy in creating all those lost to Android. DrawType is one of such keyboard app that offers something unique; it lets you draw your message.

DrawType is pretty simple tweak and when sending your drawn text is as simple as accessing the extension, tasks like you would call up any other iOS keyboard – and scribbling a message on a blank canvas. Once you’re done designing, hit the ‘Paste‘ button to move the message to the text field input area, and finally hit ‘Send‘ to fire away.

This iOS 8 keyboard app supports 3 different brush sizes to paint with multiple colors, but what actually makes your drwaing much better looking would be the added feature of tapered lines – or technically correct, anti-aliasing. Creativity is somewhat different from dream and depending on how creative you get, you are likely to end up needing multiple undo states, which is exactly what DrawType is offering now for that precious artist in you, but the plentiful canvas size should help cut down on corrections by allowing you to eventually draw freely enough.

Once installed it, you’ll have to enable the keyboard – like any other third-party keyboard on iOS 8. First time installation? Head over to the Settings app and navigate to General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard and select DrawType. Necessarily, select DrawType from the list of active keyboards on iOS 8 and just enable Allow Full Access.

This DrawType keyboard for iOS 8 is somewhat different, although we always had inventive ways of designing suggestive emotions and symbols using just the keyboard character and some emoji icons, but DrawType will really let you throw in exactly what your mind is thinking right now. It can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store for a mere $0.99.


(Download: DrawType Keyboard for iPhone on the App Store)