This Official Guide Helps Android Users Switch To Apple’s iPhone 6 [Image]

Although, it was suggested in the build-up to the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, especially by Analysts, that The Cupertino-based company’s decision to increase the display rear estate would prompt a stream in upgrades. Which in fact also indicates that hordes of Android users would jump barrage, and with 4+ million pre-orders of the Apple’s latest smartphone would appear to be corroborate this report. While both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will seem familiar for the most part, but for those who wanna shift from Android won’t be that much considered, and that’s why, Apple has uploaded a guide on how those switching Fidelity can do so smoothly.

SGS-Note4-iPhone-6However Apple has given that manually which want’s its new customers to settle painlessly, and it’ll not make for pleasurable reading for rival vendors, and given energy to some big companies, particularly Samsung, have put into slating the new iPhone line-up. Don’t be surprised if manufacturers of Android handsets have something to say in response to the guide.

Apple offers a neat, categorized view detailing on how such effects as apps, eBooks, documents, contacts and photos can be moved, in the same manner outlining a number of apps and services that folks can utilize in moving from Android to iOS. If Apple has managed to grab a portion of the consumer market away from Android. Why not ship from Android platform to iOS platform. Check out this guide below!

Android-to-iPhoneYou can check out the whole guide in detail by pointing your browser here. Are you planning to fleet your Droid for an iPhone 6 / 6 Plus? Share your thoughts and thanks to RedmondPie for this information.