This Kickstarter Device Can Charge Your Smartphone Or Tablet Up To 92% Faster [VIDEO]

In today’s world every human carrying a smartphone or tablet as a matter of routine, and not only for using them for calling, but playing games on those gadgets and that is the time we seen to be constantly charging things. Charging smartphones or tablet devices in our houses or any other place is very important, in order to be connective with the people or for your entertainment purposes, and in particular there’s always something on-charge.

How much time it takes to charge a tablet or smartphone? Even with the modern batteries and charging technology, if you plug something in to charge, it’s going to be sat there for a few hours if you want it to charge completely.

Legion Meter USB Chrager

Full and final, one Kickstarter project claims it can minimize the time tablets and smartphones need to charge for though, and it might actually be on to something. Details after this break!

Called it the Legion Meter and set to cost $49 for anyone wanting to get in on the ground floor. and this device plugs in-between the USB outlet and the charging cable just like a dongle and then sets about working its magic. Wonderful electronic device and a simple one; with the Legion Meter installed, your device will charge faster than ever. In fact, they could potentially charge twice as fast, which is a big improvement not to be underestimate at.

For those device that normally wouldn’t get the juice from a standard computer-based USB port to charge, the Legion Meter will actually allow them to charge as if they were plugged into a wall outlet. Being an iPhone or an iPad owner in particular, will be able to charge anywhere there’s a USB outlet, which is impressive enough in itself.

How much power the Legion Meter is outputting? What the Legion Meter claims to do really is rather impressive, after all. In fact, order a few right now!

(Source: Kickstarter)