This Isn’t A Battle Of Mobile Browsers: Chrome For Android Vs. Safari For iPhone Shootout [Video]

Google has finally released highly anticipated Chrome for Android browser, and the team member Phil from Android Central didn’t wasted his time loading up on his Galaxy Nexus, and putting it up against an Apple’s iPhone 4S running Safari, to check the performance and speed of both Google Chrome browser for Android devices and Safari browser on iPhone iOS devices head-to-head, phono-e-phono, Mobile Nations browser showdown video.

Apart from this, have you installed Chrome on your Android handset running Ice cream Sandwich and browsed your favorite sites using it. No, then here’s some comparison and tests made between the Chrome browser for Android and Apple’s Mobile Safari for iOS browser shootout. Details on who won and who performed the best after this jump!

Both Both the Mobile Safari browser and the mobile version of Google Chrome are based on WebKit, the project Apple adapted from the old Linux KHTML Konquerer browser and has been sharing back with the open source community ever since. So it’s no surprise both score 100/100 on the Acid3 rendering test. Safari makes use of Apple’s Nitro JavaScript engine, however, while Chrome has Google’s V8 under the hood. That let Chrome edge out Safari in the SunSpider JavaScript benchmarks, according to iMore.

While Safari and iOS in general perform smoother, more closly-tracked multi-touch scrolling, zooming and panning which can fight as equals on Android.

Both Chrome, like Safari, offers no support from Adobe Flash Player, or any other internet plugin though. Chrome is still in beta and only available for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich right now as APK.

No doubt the final version of Chrome for Android will be even better. Apple isn’t slowing down, with iOS 5.0.1 on the corner, likewise Safari will improve as well.

In my thought: Comparing both the Chrome with Safari is not the big matter, when the Wi-Fi or internet connection comes to the scene, when its slow down the browser performance will surely drops on Safari as well as Chrome browser. If both using the same WiFi connection that would happen, once one browser shows up and the other goes down. I am not telling you that not to compare any others.

Check out the video below for full out web rendering showdown (Chrome for Android Vs. Safari For iOS) Best Performance.