This Is What Google Glass 2 Looks Like [Photos]

The second gen Google spectacles are coming, explorers can swap old pair of Google Glasses for new GG2 soon. The search giant proudly made an announcement that Glass wearers from all over the US have been actively sharing their experiences when using the device through videos that have taken with it. Google glass may be losing some of its lightning as the novelty wears off for some of us, but that didn’t stopped the Big G from building on its original design and trying to come up with a better version. Google Glass 2 with Google Now is coming soon or later.

Now, a day after offering existing members of its Explorer program that chance to exchange their Glass for a new one, Google showing off what actually the new model looks like. Full details and pictures can be stored after this break!


Google+ is the social network platform where the Google Glass 2 pictures have uploaded, and when you look at those it’s pretty hard to compare or see the differences too. Although, the main difference that will obviously get the most attention, is the addition of a mono earbud. Glass in particular already have a speaker that allows wearers (Explorers) to hear feedback, while the earbud should make the difference in a little easier to do in noisier situations.

Important to note is that it can be removed for those that don’t want to look like their quality mounted a SWAT team, too. Google will be offering a one-time swap out as well. Owners of the first version of Google Glass can swap their older pair for the newer 2nd-gen Glass pair when it comes out later this year. Only those who purchased their Google Glass before October 28, 2013, will be eligible for the one-time swap out. Once the swap out program  begins, Explorers will have 60 days to register for an new exchange offering. No, you’ll not need to sign up again, and Google will notify Explorers on how to proceed with the swap program.


Currently who wear prescription spectacles will also be pleased to learn that this new version of Glass will be the first to support prescription lenses,too. Great to hear!

Aside from the new hardware and swap program, Google is now inviting its Explorer members to give up to three of their friends the opportunity to get the Google Glass action. Provided they are willing to pay the $1,500 fee that comes with the early ownership of these high-tech spectacles. Small price to pay in order to be such an early adopter.


Invited to the Explorer program can order their Google Glass online and have it shipped in their homes or office, anywhere they wanted to deliver it to. Hopefully cheaper version of its wearable technology ready for general consumption some time next year. (source: Google+)