This Best iPhone Case Features A Built-In USB Port [Video]

Speaking about power packed iPhone cases which are nothing new, but helps you being a smartphone or tablet owner, might solve many problems of getting through entire day without phone dying, but it’s far from perfect.

CasePlug-iPhone-case-USB-PortPhone case that are also battery backed, but the other option is to carry around a USB charger (extra space) to put in your pocket or bag is somewhat unusual. Idea of stumping of cash for a new Lightning cable to carry around might make some sense, though. A new Kickstarter project is really trying to change all that making you cringe a little. Guess what?

Called the CasePlug, is an iPhone casing chooses to give user a better way to charge their iPhone more easily rather than slapping a larger battery pack on its rear back. Costing at $25, iPhone CasePlug is now available to purchase.

26Supports iPhone 5/5s and the unannounced iPhone 6, the casePlug has a retractable USB plug on its back that can plug directly into any USB port, such as PCs USB port, Mac OS X’s USB port et al. Notably, this awesome USB case with connector never need a cable anymore to charge your iPhone and instead can plug it straight into anything from a laptop computer to a steep system.

The USB port rotates so that you can easily use it in portrait or landscape both ways, making it the best way of docking your phone in a car using a seperate extension cable or port. Right now the CasePlug project needs to find another $15,000 on just over a month in order to be funded and we hope it reaches its goal.

321CasePlug is, one of those Kickstarter projects that you still need a USB port to plug it into, and in my thought, this kinda new nifty iPhone case is one portable power boaster that you don’t shears to have one.

67How it works? Anyways, check out the video below to see how the things works. I bet you really like it and its performance that you’ll be ready to grab it at any cost. Share it!

(Source: Kickstarter)