This $99 iOS App Gone FREE For A Limited Time! Download It Now!

In the world of iOS, paid applications priced high go free from time to time, either giveaway or the other way, and toady, is no exception. One of todays app usually costs a solid $100 in the iTunes App Store, and for limited time, you are free to grab it! Called ReportPlus – Mobile Business Intelligence Dashboards!

This app in question is a mobile analytics and reporting solution that puts a lot of creative power in the user’s hands on the go. ReportPlus makes it a niche app rather than something that will find home with the masses, the unique usage of it explains the massive price tag that it carries otherwise. Great!

This $99 iOS app, ReportPlus is capable of pulling data and build dashboards from a number of popular sources, including Microaoft Xcel, Sharepoint, SQL Server, MySQL, OLAP cubes et al. The best part is that the app doesn’t require any server side setup, either; it can be connected to the data source as long as it can, and you can easily manipulate your dashboards in whatever way to actually want it.


Although the ReportPlus maximizes users’ ability to derive business intelligence from poplar data sources and the app has a highly intuitive user interface and requires little to no training. The app’s reporting capabilities also extend to graphical representation of the pulled data, including charts, bar graphs, diagrams, and even HTML visualization for cross-platform expression of your dashboards,  making it a perfect app on-the-go business intelligence solution.

ReportPlus is a premier mobile analytics & reporting app that enables knowledge through data discovery and data visualization to quickly create – not just retrieve – reports and share strategic enterprise insights, ensuring you have the latest information to make real-time, informed decisions on the go, as it described.


This app is one of those business intelligence apps that work for free as well, but with some limitations. Unless you acquire a subscription with the service, you’re limited to only pulling 50 rows per query and connect to one type of data source at a time. A vast majority will find use for the free offering as well, since it’s still quite precious to have such kind of functionality on the go.


ReportPlus is for a limited time available as a freeware, and if you’ve use for Business Intelligence on the move, we highly recommended to get downloading it now! ReportPlus empowers you to create dashboards & reports right on your mobile device, iPad or iPhone.

(Download: ReportPlus for iOS on the App Store)