The New Jailbreak Exploits Have To Be Saved For iOS 6? Pod2g Asks For Your Vote!

Since last two months the jailbreak fans from the public who have accidentally upgraded their firmware to the latest version are still waiting for the development teams work that will come through all of the issues and produce an untethered jailbreak solution for all the idevices running the latest iOS firmware. Well that for the upcoming jailbreaking and production tools which involved, but the most popular and a legendary hacker Pod2g has now updated his official blog with a public poll. Details below!

He wrote something about the best jailbreak procedure that would be coming in short amount of time as possible which will be then pushed to the general public for a big launch, but there are deeper concerns to take into consideration. You, me and developers all know about the game between the Apple and the jailbreaking community, we never been aware of what will go around the corner. While the fruit company on its WWDC event in a few months to announce a new iPhone and set it for launch at sometime later this year, apart this chances are that we might see the latest iteration of the iOS 6 on that point.

If the launch of the next major version of the operating system comes out that will surely clean off. and to assume that  some of the vulnerabilities and exploits that the jailbreak development teams have developed during their research could still be usable when the version is released to the public by Apple. That’s the point keept in mind, Pod2g has updated his blog with a simple question in the hope and asked the opinion from those who already involved in this community.

The French researcher would like to know your opinion about the releasable jailbreak would be better off waiting for Apple to launch iOS 6 before producing it in the hope that all the vulnerabilities that they have produced are still unique in the newer version.

Well the community has pushed by a question and that time when written the poll had around 18500+ votes with 62% of those are interested in the untethered JB to be released immediately. While 34% of those involved can ofcourse see the bigger and want their U-Jailbreak holding off until iOS 6 released and rest of them of 4% like they just never care about.

In my thought as one of the millions of those who enjoyed the freedom that jailbreaking provides, I vote for the second “wait for the latest iOS firmware“, and you head over to the poll station at and pin your vote.