The LG G3 Clone ‘Wico C1’ Is Just 5.5mm Thick From China

The unannounced iPhone 6 look-alike has been seen and now the Chinese manufacturers who were known for duplication comes with yet another reproduction with some actual functionality, which run for its money. Affordable!

No! Not from the GooPhone, but its the upcoming Wico C1. It comes with a design posing as its the real LG G3 smartphone launched and created a hype globally. Just entered the Indian market a few days ago.

Wico about to launch 5.5mm LG G3 Clone with 5.5-inch displayMost impressive thing about the LG G3 clone would be the the clone device C1’s measurements, with a sleek 5.5mm in thickness it has got, when compared to the original G3 has an 8.9mm ticker body. Certainly, C1 will be the thinnest phone, when considered that it’ll launch with a 5.5-inch display!

The LG G3 duplicate, the Wico C1 has only 720p screen as opposed to the 1440p on the G3, where the equally-sized screen will get 1/4th the number of pixels same. Packing a 3050mAh battery in its thin frame, the Wico C1’s standby time and talktime will be great!

The 5.5″ clone sports with an 13-megapixel camera on the back and 8 mega-pixel on the front.

Other than this LG G3 look-alike, no word on specifications arrived yet but expected that Wico employ a MediaTek chipset power on the C1 when available. Stay tuned!