Here’s The iPhone 5C Clone Comes In As An Android Running Device For Just 100 Bucks

Today we’ll talk about iPhone 5C running Android mobile operating system on it. Confused? I too was in the same situation, but GooPhone made it a reality. The Apple’s unannounced budget iPhone 5C is real and arriving as a cheaper iOS device than the Cupertino company’s high-end iPhone 5S. And the iPhone 5C is almost upon us, and as the experts, commentators and consumers continue to estimate the retail value of the so-called low-cost device. But the Chinese clones are back in force in time for the release of Apple’s next range of handsets, and while knockoff iPhone 5C won’t run on iOS 7, which they set you back a mere hundred bucks!

The “GooPhone” is the company behind it, as famous as it knockoff Apple products from the beginning and the apparently-named “i5C” looks similar to the iPhone 5C based upon the heavy does of leaks we have already treated to hitherto, it also has a fair design, it’s mind-blowing, range of specs to match the layout.

android-apple-logoThe GooPhone i5C features a 4-inch display, but not of a Retina variety, with a resolution of 960 x 540 panel may not look as sharp as we’ve expecting from the original iPhone range, it’s not bad considering the price. The iPhone 5C clone does powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core processor to keep things ticking over, and the device will also offer 3G, so those not yet courted by the LTE bug can still enjoy a relatively solid connection speed.

The i5C packs 1GB of RAM and poses with an 8-megapixel main snapper, allied to a 2MP front-facing camera. The Android-powered iPhone 5C costs just $99 in China.

goophone-i5c_1Unfortunately, with a mid-range list of specs and running on Android, we doubt the i5C will run anything like as smoothly like Windows Phone 8 OS, Ubuntu, et el. Why wait for iPhone 5C release, when you can get an Android running knockoff of it for $100? (via: GizChina | CultofAndroid)