The iPhone 5 To Be Waterproof [Video] – Could Be Awesome!

An amazing news comes from the Salt Lake City company HZO calims that the Apple along with Samsung to use its coating like Liquipel, by spraying liquid-repelling coating that can gadgets (smartphones, devices) waterproof, means that the next iPhone called to be an iPhone 5 could be waterproofed as well. Details after the jump!

The rumors surfaced on the web that Apple is thinking about the HZO which is offering a similar technology like Liquipel. According to pocket-link talked about with the HZO representative, reports as follows:

“We showed the Samsung Chairman the technology with a Samsung Galaxy S that we had coated with HZO and he couldn’t believe his eyes,” a representative of the company told us. “Samsung is really excited by the tech.” The company has told us that they are talking to Apple as well, hoping to be able to let Apple make the iPhone 5 waterproof. “We expect HZO to be in next season’s phones,” HZO told Pocket-lint rather confidently.”

In demonstrations a working iPhone and Samsung Galaxy were dunked into a bowl of water – and were still working even below the surface.

The new ‘nanotech’ spray coating is applied to the circuitry inside phones and lets you dunk phones entirely underwater, and still takes calls.

If the contract is signed! then it will certainly bring benefit for many other companies, might also step up their target, if contract is agreed. In the coming future you will be seeing your iPhones would become invincible and waterproofed.