The Flappy Bird Creator Reportedly Launching A New Game, Called Swing Copters!

Finally, after months on unlimited Flappy Bird clones hitting the App Store, now the creator of the original Flappy Bird (jumping-jappang) game, it taking his best shot at hopefully cloning the success of Dong Nguyen’s popular iPhone game with a new title, named Swing Copters.


According to TouchArchade,Swing Copters is just as challenging you as piloting a helicopter upward through gates with menacing, swinging hammers that crash your fight on impact. The gaming site also has footage of early gameplay of the Flappy Bird successor, as you can see below!

There are some best Flappy Bird alternatives available at the iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices and the official successor to FB is said to be ready to soar on Thursday, August 21 and be free with a single 99¢ in-app purchase to remove advertisements.

Do you think the Dong Nguyen’s next game be yet another hit or is the Flappy Bird concept denies the success as it did with the original.