The First Android Wear Apps Now Google Play Hosts Are Available [VIDEO]

In fact yes we’re speaking of the first batch of Android Wear standalone apps that have already begun appearing on the Google Play Store, will rely widely on a smartphone for a great deal of its functionality. Like most smartwatch ecosystems, they’re designed to suppliment our handsets, and it is clear that the likes of the Moto 360, and LG’s G Watch will have minds of their own. As noted by 9to5Mac, its the very first standalone apps for Android Wear untethered by any post-installation smartphone interaction have begun appearing on the Play Store. Full details after this break!

Talking about the first Android Wear apps batch, in terms of functionality it sets a very encouraging precedent and given that Android Wear is still a work in progress, it’s unlikely that any of its third-party services will run with any kind of fluidity just yet. Truth is this is the first list of standalone apps for the smartwatch OS.


At Google I/O keynote event, the Big G confirmed that the new Android Wear devices will be much more than expansive digital watches, although receiving notifications might be the most awaited functionality of a G watch or a Samsung’s Gear Live, from where you will be able to download native apps to your smartwatch as well. Apps that run on smartphone and send notifications to Android Wear devices, still got apps that will run on both the handset and smartwatch. Which, Google has also made it possible for Android Wear to run apps all on its own.

Note: Due to the limited space in terms of real estate display and internal hardware, developers are extremely limited with regards to what they can actually achieve on these wearables, as one developers already discovered upon creating and submitting a couple of minor utilities to the Play Store.


The first app, Wear Calc, is exactly what it sounds like – is a simple calculator app and it does function as it do and only runs on Android Wear. Notably, the tiny display and lack of feedback makes it incredibly difficult for any accurate calculations to be made.

Additionally, when trying to launch it via Android Wear’s voice integration, it badly interprets the command as “Where Calc,” which makes the whole idea feel just a little tangled.

The second, Wear Compass with a native compass feature. It’s worth noting that Android Wear already has a built-in compass, so there’s no reason to download this unless you want to have something else to scroll to on your display.

The third, Marian Zorilla has also thrown together yet another simplistic apps which can be downloaded on any Android Wear device with a square display.

Both the Wear Calc and Wear Compass apps are theoretically voice-activated, but one reviewer notes that the watch occasionally interprets “open Wear Calc” as “Where Calc,” which is an interesting predicament for developers who are considering names of their Wear apps.

Although, we got here the Wear Calc demonstration clip below – the platform doesn’t play too fairly with standalone applications, hopefully the dedication of folks like Zorilla will ensure that this are of the Play Store still continues to ‘BOOM’.

Update X1: The apps of Android Wear listed have now been removed from the Play Store, with out any reason, but it’s highly likely that they’ll once again appears to download pretty soon….

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