Now a days many mobile smartphones and tablets seams to have a very flashy operating systems with a lot of consumers having their favorite one and choosing to stick to hardware which is powered bt their chosen OS. While Apple’s fans use iOS on their iPhone and iPad devices only, but when talking about Android […]

An open source VLC Video player users should be excited to know that the Videolan has shown off VLC 2.0 which features an extensive redesign. The new VLC players has under gone complete rewrite say it s developers and will be arriving very soon for the Windows, OS X and Ubuntu platforms. VLC 2.0 for […]

There are several skin packs available to transform your computer’s desktop with an easy and safe install options. Today we will be talking about the powerful gaming system called “Alienware” for Windows. I have already shared with all free Windows desktop enhancements like themes, launchers, skin packs and Transformation packs for Windows 7. Alienware is […]

We have been sharing skin packs for Windows since several weeks, already has given you the chance to transform your desktop and customize with different theme packs. Today we are sharing with you an awesome and every lover needs that. Thinking! here’s the time to enhance your Windows computer to transform with the latest Valentine […]

Microsoft’ highly anticipated Operating system, Windows 8 launch, coming closer and closer, it looks like the company is looking to provide a platform which could prove to be a lot easier to developers and small software publishers. The Verge report confirms that the software gaint to have its official app store in place for the […]

I have used several other MP3 players and video players on my Windows system, other than the best media players which were available for free. So, i decided to give you an idea on some of the useful and well codec mixed media players. You have been using the players already on your computer which […]