Windows Store

Currently there are two different stores, one for Windows only apps and the second for Windows Phone applications, but now, Microsoft is thinking to change it. Full details according to the recent report can be grabbed after this break. The Verge who claims that Microsoft is reportedly planning to declare a single App Store for […]

Just a few days ago Microsoft has pushed the prerelease version of Windows 8 Consumer Preview as the public beta, and the stiore that features Metro applications which runs on the Consumer Preview. In just 24 hours time, public has downloaded Windows 8 Consumer Preview one billion times. As we saw that some quitly apps […]

With the bunch of applications expected to be seen on the Windows store, but Microsoft made it clear that it can pull the kill switch at its discretion in the Windows store terms of use. In the future, Microsoft will be able to throw a “kill switch” to disable or even remove an app from […]