I am not a big user of the said cloud storage service, but wanted to just summarize the coll things you can do with the Dropbox for Android, that has been now updated to version 2.1, brought the most wanted automatic uploading of Videos and photos. Updated Dropbox Android 2.1 includes the ability to automatically […]

Dropbox is a the one most popular cloud storage and sync service in the market today, it syncs seamlessly with popular mobile, desktop platforms such as Android, Linux, Windows, OS X, etc. When you first sign up it will give you a 2.5GB of free starting storage space, the company regularly gives away free space […]

The latest Dropbox beta for desktop seems to be featuring an automatic photo importing. It would seem that prevention of your photos has now become a top preority for many. Apple introduced Photo streaming with iOS 5 launch, when Google provided Android users the option of automatically backing up their mobile shots to Google+. Today, […]