How many new Galaxy range smartphones to be launched in this new year 2014? Samsung already had unveiled phablet series with Galaxy S2, S3 smartphones and Note, Note 2, Note 3 are in currently, thinking of producing yet another range of Galaxy S5 handset, like this now, it seems to be working on another phablet […]

Samsung is one of the top in the list of best smartphone and tablet manufacturer, emerged as a mobile superpower in the consumer industry, though, has struggled to corner the enterprise market. Businesses used to iPhone and BlackBerry, instead not switching to Samsung anymore, why? The reason for this can be attributed to security issues. […]

Reports suggest that both Samsung and Apple have plans to introduce a new class of gigantic tablet in 2014, and especially rumored that the south Korean is reportedly working on a 12.2-inch Galaxy Note that will supposedly be named the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro. Now, leaked into wild! A photo posted to Korean-language forum, […]

Samsung demands proof before replacing the company’s current flagship “Galaxy S4″, since its release in the spring, many millions of units have been sold and it is no secret that the S4 has had some battery issues, which many users have reported about the Galaxy S4 device battery swelling or barely holding charge within weeks […]

Think what? Mysterious Android-powered handsets have appeared online with product numbers reminding us of Nexus and Galaxy Note devices, respectively. Now that, LG-D380 and Samsung SM-7505 smartphones spotted on Logistics official website Zauba, which exclusively tracks imports and exports to, from India, and has been the perfect source of leaks when it comes to Samsung […]

Expected and believed that the Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy S5 smartphone aiming to arrive with at least match the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 procession and with 3 additional options. The next Samsung flagship is now in reports stating that the Galaxy S5 to not to come with OIS camera ability. Full details after this fold! Rumors […]