Eagerly waiting for this news to come out as Samsung launches Galaxy S III teaser, takes deep shot at Apple iOS device users and where the Koreab consumer electrnics giant is giving absolutely nothing away. With the official announcement set for ten days’ time, Samsung  has released a couple of short teaser videos, although anybody […]

Few days back we have seen a Vietnamese video of the leaked Samsung’s highly-anticipated Galaxy S III smartphone which was announced as holding a special event in London on 3rd May, while the Korean company is also expected to announce their 10.1″ Galaxy tablet along with the next-generation new Galaxy S III device at the […]

Here comes the awaiting news that the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S III heading closer, Amazon Germany has already started accepting pre-orders of the SGS3 handset and with no display of any smartphone images, the price and features unveiled are – given Amazon’s rep as an online retailer as confirmation. Yes 2 days ago a […]

We’ve been seen various photos of the Samsung’s highly-anticipated Galaxy S III device which were concepts, or told to be leaked, but today the disguised prototype of Galaxy S3 has been caught in the wild. Now, courtesy of a Vietnamese site, the world may finally be taking its first glimpse at the sought-after device. Far […]

Think! you know the benefits of rooting your handset and that will be one of the expected reason to purchase an Android-based devices, similar to jailbreaking after buying an iPad, iPhone or iPod. The amount of joy that can be had with a rooted devices is almost limitless, and, since there are bunch of developers […]

Recently we have published a guide for those who were looking to install Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich on the UK and Australia based unlocked Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 smartphone. Today, we are ready to show how you can quickly root your device with its software update. Like jailbreaking an iOS device, rooting your […]

The first and only device to sport the latest iteration of Google was the Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich which has now became more popular and a wanted mobile operating system for several other Android-based smartphones. Since its launch, many handsets have been tasting the Ice Cream Sandwich by installing on their […]

Recently reported as Samsung’s new Galaxy S III is heading towards the launch and we’ve been hearing about some rumors about the Galasy S3 device, and today, Samsung has also confirmed that it is enabled (implemented) with the 3D support, means the Samsung Galaxy S III will not come with 3D. This upcoming high-end Galaxy […]

Here’s Samsung range of new ultra high speed-1 MicroSD cards for advanced LTE smartphones. Toshiba was first to introduce the ultra fast SD cards, now Samsung on its way to produce Ultra High Speed Class 1 memory card designation has been reserved for SDXC and SDHC cards, and just announced new microSD cards that support […]

After various rumors, now a partial image confirms that Samsung Galaxy S III will be announced soon next month and not in the early dates as 1, 2, 3 but on end of coming month. We are expecting Samsung to unveil their new Galaxy S III smartphone some time over the next couple of months, […]