Think what? Mysterious Android-powered handsets have appeared online with product numbers reminding us of Nexus and Galaxy Note devices, respectively. Now that, LG-D380 and Samsung SM-7505 smartphones spotted on Logistics official website Zauba, which exclusively tracks imports and exports to, from India, and has been the perfect source of leaks when it comes to Samsung […]

Expected and believed that the Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy S5 smartphone aiming to arrive with at least match the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 procession and with 3 additional options. The next Samsung flagship is now in reports stating that the Galaxy S5 to not to come with OIS camera ability. Full details after this fold! Rumors […]

The Google is out on demand in the smartphone market with Nexus 5. What do you think Nexus is out this time? Here it is, its back here to set the benchmark in the market and create a new platform for the latest features. Right from the first of this series, this flagship model from […]

In Samsung’s portfolio Galaxy Note 3 might not be the only one largest phone at the moment, because there’s yet another one called Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3, which also has the same larger screen gesture. It’s official now! The Galaxy Mega 6.3 although hitting MetroPCs on November 25th. Customers will love the price compared to […]

The early verdict presumed the $888 Million to Apple Incorporated was then revised by jury for the damages in Apple vs Samsung’s lawsuit to a close call. However The South-Korean smart phone company wouldn’t pay the huge money out of its pocket as estimated though. The settlement was made on the basis of the two […]

Expected version of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean should be hitting the Samsung Galaxy Note II very shortly, but now it has been available in a pretty no waiting manner, like in the past a pre-release version of Android 4.3 has been leaked for Galaxy Note 2 with the model number GT-N7100. Full details after this […]

Samsung’s open source Linux-based operating system “Tizen” is now partnering with 36 companies including eBay, Konami, McAfee, Pansonic, and The Weather Channel. Tizen is an open mobile operating system, which is reportedly developed by Samsung ad Intel and now the Tizen Association has officially announced the partnership with thirty six new companies. Announced by Tizen […]