If you are an internet user, you may heard of Pinterest. It is an online website, it allows us to share photos, videos and objects in a pinboard-style format. Especially for Photographers and illustrators as well as graphic designers, Pinterest is one online social website allowing all to share their hardwork and becoming one of […]

Millions of Facebook fans including me have complained about the output of their Facebook Timeline, but no worry, here’s an application that can make you free from those issues. Here’s PinView, a new Facebook app, displays items from your News Feed, Timeline, friends list and pages as small panels, just like Pinterest. Details after this […]

Pintrest a very popular photo sharing site has very recently been a subject of copyright concern over its handling of third-party content.And within a no period of time it responded to that concern by implementing a “nopin”code which allows the content creators to prevent their works from being pinned. Flickr has got all the copyrights […]