Additional to what we saw earlier of the rumored Meizu MX4 has once again surfaced confirming the phone looks in live photo and the phone went through GFXBench tests, which it has confirmed the key specifications as well. The live image is above and talking about the Meizu MX4 Pro specs, which comes with a […]

Two new things happened, first the Facebook has splashed $1 billion on Instagram and second is Microsoft purchases AOL patents for one billion dollars. Few days ago, Android devices got the photo sharing app “Instagram” download directly from Google Play Store for free and today it seems Facebook itself already finding itself to be hated […]

Today we are going to talk about one of the freeware Notepad, by using this application you can easily catalog and manege your collection of your photrographs. Collector Notepad is a small, free and easy to use program for cataloging of your collection. It postulates a unpretentious way to consolidate and regulate your collection. The […]

Apple has announced the highly anticipated “The New iPad” with innovating features and the 3rd-gen iPad tablet brings the HD technology of iSight Camera poses with a 5-megapixel, capable of recording high definition videos in 1080p. Not only that you are going to enjoy those features when you purchase New iPad third-gen tablet. To get […]

Pintrest a very popular photo sharing site has very recently been a subject of copyright concern over its handling of third-party content.And within a no period of time it responded to that concern by implementing a “nopin”code which allows the content creators to prevent their works from being pinned. Flickr has got all the copyrights […]

ZappoTV, with offices in Silicon Valley and Europe, was formed in 2009 to build tools and ways to help you find, enjoy, and share any media content. To us, it should not matter whether you want to enjoy your videos, photos, and music at home or on the go. With this solution, you can even […]

An application has been launched in the Android Market for Google TV which is allowed to act as a receiver for Apple’s Airplay. It is named as Airtight app is still in the early stage of the development. Airtight is having some limitations. This device is not able to support anything protected by DRM. Airtight […]

Already in the stores there are several popular applications which has been downloaded many times and no point denying instant photo galleries that can be enjoyed on the iPad, when those comes from the most wanted instagram network. With the rising popularity of social media platform, surprisingly not, it should come as an instant applications […]