Microsoft as rumored still working and testing on its upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 update ‘Blue’ internally which might drop the requirements for Windows Phone handsets to include hardware Back, Windows and Search buttons. Although a leaked Windows Phone 8.1 screenshot reveals how the company is moving to on-screen buttons in the coming future. Full details […]

In fact now, the Redmond software maker is preparing a significant update to its Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system and pushing out smaller General Distribution Releases (GDR) and is expected to be released in early 2014. Windows Phone 8.1 will likely include a notification center, changes to multitasking, and even a “Cortana” – a […]

Although Windows 8 is a very polarizing operating system and when it started making waves, one of the major things that caught many people was the Start button was gone. While many Windows users find it much faster and more stable than earlier versions of Microsoft’s OS, and the Start menu was not hidden, not […]

Which should you buy? It’s upon your expectations and if you’re lucky enough to grab both the PlayStation 4 and an Xbox One this holiday season, then here’s a geeky trick that will be more excited than any other and if we’re honest you can probably put us in that party too. Full details about […]

This time Microsoft called up for the big one and planned to sell away 1 million gaming consoles at the launch on Friday for the gamer’s. The plan though was successful to achieve its target within the first day, keeping up the competition with Sony’s PS4. Sources say that there are few gamer’s not happy […]

Microsoft’s IE 11 default browser of Windows 8.1 is apparently working great on the previous version of desktop operating system – the Windows 7, now available. Download Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 right now! Full version details can be grabbed after this break. Officially with the release of the latest Windows 8.1 version of […]

Microsoft’s gaming console is back again for pre-orders, for those who were unable to secure an Xbox One for launch now got yet another shot, thanks to the GameStop’s decision to reopen its pre-order. Microsoft Xbox One is the new set of console which the company claims that all players will be able to pre-order this new bacth of Xbox One can pick up their machine at its November 22nd launch date.

Currently, suppliers run dry, GameSpot will reserve an Xbox One for anyone willing to place a $100 downpayment, and we have no idea about how many One consoles are available for pre-order, nor information on when it will close the stock is to being depleted…!


The official announcement was made by GameStop earlier today through its press release which explained that Microsoft’s Xbox One preorders have now been re-opened )re-initiated) on both their websites and in retail stores all over the US.

“For a limited time only, pre-orders for the Xbox One standard edition can be made at any U.S. GameStop store location or online with a $100 deposit that will be applied toward the $499 cost of the console.* All customers reserving now can pick up the console on the launch date”

Make it fast if you’re one of those interested ones to learn that GameStop has came back with new stock f Xbox One. Pre-order now, before the stocks last!

GameStop is also allowing gamers to pre-order Microsoft Xbox One games such as Ryse: Son of Rome and Forza Motorsport 5 – published by Microsoft Studios, as well as Capcom’s Dead Rising 3. Next generation Xbox One is powered by a AMD Jaguar 8 customized core processor, which is equipped with a graphics chip that is tailored for Direct X11 graphics, launches with 32GB of high-bandwidth embedded ESRAM supported by 8GB of RAM.

Availability of the Mixrosoft Xbox One console will be available from November 22 onwards. Pricing at $499 in the US, £429.99 in the UK and 499.99 Euros throughout Europe and $599.99 AU in Australia. Xbox One pre-order are opened now!

Note: Limit one console pre-order per household. Quantities are limited, so customers must secure their console today. Head over to GameStop and pre-order One right now!

The Redmond company has already stated that there aren’t any plans to make a direct download Windows 8.1 ISO file available from Microsoft outside of MSDN and TechNet. But it will allow you to update an existing installation of Windows 8, which saves you money and the download time, especially if you’re on a metered […]