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Speaking about free Cydia tweaks that are only available when you jailbreak your iOS device and here is a new an very helpful jailbreak app that lets you read and reply to Facebook messages without installing a separate Messenger app. FBNoNeedMessenger is now available for free from Cydia store. Previously there are annoying way that […]

Jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad means, you got the ability to customize or transform your iOS system into somewhat you want it to be. Modding is the part of jailbreak. In fact, the big reason that people take to jailbreaking their iOS devices, and with people apparently desperate to stamp their individual on their personal […]

There are various Cydia tweaks that makes you experience something that you can’t get from the official App Store. Apple has recently announced the fact that the twenty fifth billionth application has been downloaded from their App Store, confirming the application hub as the biggest on the mobile planet. While now a days as statistic […]

Here comes a new jailbreak tweak that will be adding some little icons and symbols to everything you write through the iOS Software keyboard. PictoKeyboard is another Cydia tweak that makes your iPad or iPhone keyboard easier and better than ever to insert unicode symbols – such as this one, , for expample – into […]

Several third-party jailbreak tweaks available now from Cydia store, amongst them SiriLaunch is another one that adds shortcut for Siri in Notification Center. Means you can launch Siri directly from your iOS Notification Center. Details after this jump! SiriLaunch for iPhone is a Cydia tweak developed by Jude Jean-Pierre, without any new commands, it gets […]

The latest Apple’s A5 chip handset called the iPhone 4S was been facing battery drain problems by the users with that device. Though Apple confirmed that the device comes along with battery issues, it couldn’t fix these issues. Apple pushed iOS 5.0.1 to fix battery drain on iPhone 4S ,  but users reported that they […]

Get BiteSMS right now, the most popular, premium tweaks ever available on the Cydia store and functions as a full replacement for the native messages application that came along with the iOS. The developers of BiteSMS today released a new major updated version of BiteSMS. the current 6.0 release will seem a million miles away […]

Today : The Intelliborn team for iOS 5, pushed a beta version of an awesome Jailbreak Tweak. IntelliScreenX will make your iOS 5 Notification Center great. IntelliScreenX for iOS 5 users, is a must-Jailbreak Tweak, if your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Jailbroken. Are you an iPhone 4, iPad or iPod Touch user and already […]