A shopping trip with iBeacon, which Apple guides shoppers inside stores with its secret weapons for navigating App Stores, the company began using the technology at its 254 U.S. Apple Stores to send people messages about the products, events and other information. This information isn’t enough, for details you have to continue to the next […]

Everytime you purchase a smartphone you’ll be looking for a shell (case) and that’s what here we got you a new waterproof case for iPhone 5s, shockproof as well available right now. Your iPhone 5s represents a hefty investment, whether it is spread across the length of a content or was brought outright. If you […]

Finally, we have got the first glimpse of what actually Cydia looks like on jailbroken iOS 7 / 7.0.2, that we’re eagerly waiting for the Evad3rs team to release. Although we’re still quite a bit of a distance away from an untethered jailbreak across the board, nevertheless, it’s good to have a achieved preview of […]

According to Chinese site, Apple has started testing a next-generation iPhone prototype with its said 4.9-inch display, along with the iPhone 5c successor posing with a larger-screen. As customers continue to snap up the exclusively recieved iPhone 5s, we are already hearing about the speculations suggesting that the Cupertino isin the progression of field testing […]

Following the release of the MOGA Ace Power earlier this week, Logitech has officially unveiled its PowerShell iOS 7 Game Controller for the iPhone 5s/5c/5 and the fifth-generation iPod touch (5G). Mobile games these days are slowly but perfectly moving away from dedicated gaming console devices and towards multipurpose ones like tablets and smartphones. In […]

The iOS company’s Store is planning to implement location technology to improve service and boost sales by integrating the new iBeacon system into their Retail Stores. Full details after the fold! According to 9to5Mac, iBeacon technology is specifically a new low-powered, cheap transmitters that can not only notify nearby presence of iOS 7 devices, but […]