You have been seeing various cases available for the iPad and have you ever thought about giving a mini MacBook Pro look to your tablet with this amazing case which is built with a Lithium-Polymer battery that can charge your iPad as well. This iPad Notebook case is worthy than you think, deatilas after this […]

Most famous pop princess Madonna, has given the fans a lot to cheer about. For thousands of fans across the world she is giving unlimited access 24/7 everything they want to hear. With unlimited number of videos and interviews of the pop princess htis app is something for every fan who respects the woman who […]

The latest reports about the redesigned family of Apple’s iMac computers to feature anti-reflective displays. While back in 2009, Apple lastly had its last major re-design and according to the Insiders of the fuite company says that this years 2012 iMac’s will get the new slimmer design, and that will come along with the reflective […]

Pod2g, one of the legendary jailbreaker and developer and a Dream team member dropped a good news by releasing the wanted untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1 in the past that would bring liberation and freedom to those who were using an iPhone 4S and iPad 2 powered by Apple’s A5 chip. It was for the […]

The Micrsosft’s Skype, the most popular VoIP communication software has just rolled out a new update for its iPad app to version 3.8, improving visual quality for those using the new Retina Display. As you consider it one of the best used for wide range, Skype is undoubtedly the number one choice, allowing voice calls […]

You have been seeing the magic tricks shown by some professionals, but didn’t someone mange to incorporate some technology into a magic act like this before. Magic with technology, a match made it happen. On our previous post we have shown you acts like this, and with the new iPad arrived, we are been treated […]