Apple is expected to unveil its next-generation iPad at an event in the month of October in the run up to Christmas, and analysts seem convinced the date will be the official day. Supposed leaks which surfaced multiple way suggesting that we could get a new form-factor with the new iPad 5. Today’s discovery suggesting […]

Apple has finally released its new version of mobile operating system – the iOS 7, now available to download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users throught the world. One hundred days and several huundreds of bug fixes after its announcement, the official iOS 7 firmware launched with some big changes, obviously with a great […]

Apple’s new iOS 7 version has moved many apps to the multitasking and many changes are made on the latest and greatest iOS software update, but when running iOS 7 on a third-generation iPad, it drained the battery significantly. Searching for a tweak (fix) for such battery life drain. How to get fixed can be […]

In the previous iOS versions, double-clicking the home button would reveal app icons and could be killed or closed by long press – but not in iOS 7. The situation is different and the layout is changed with flat icons, many new features added to this latest and greatest. iOS 7 is out today, which […]

Apple’s most anticipated mobile operating system “iOS 7″ is up for download today. iOS 7 represents a total overhaul to the OS, will be available to install. With iOS 7, app updates will automatically be downloaded for you device and the new version is complete departure from prior of iOS. 7 things you have to […]

Have you accidentally upgraded your idevice to the Apple’s latest updated version iOS 5.1.1 IPSW firmware and want to downgrade back to the older version 5.0.1 iOS? Here’s iFaith for Windows that can help you downgrading your iOS device from the latest to previous version if you have Saved SHSH blobs for that firmware which […]

If you are a user of iPhone and iPad and travels very frequently either on your business or personal work and facing the language problem in new areas, here i want to give you a good solution to overcome this problem. Though there are somany apps available in the market along with Google Translate for […]