Following the release of the MOGA Ace Power earlier this week, Logitech has officially unveiled its PowerShell iOS 7 Game Controller for the iPhone 5s/5c/5 and the fifth-generation iPod touch (5G). Mobile games these days are slowly but perfectly moving away from dedicated gaming console devices and towards multipurpose ones like tablets and smartphones. In […]

One of the most popular email client “Yahoo” has been working hard to include support for Apple services in its TV Screen iOS app, now playing Yahoo Screen and PBS on your Apple TV. Details after this fold! New Yahoo Screen and PBS apps have been in for the Apple TV, now it’s gone one […]

Apple’s iOS platform certainly has plenty of success stories when it comes to apps, games and other aspects turning little known developers into household names. ZeptoLab isn’t one of them, but it legitimately knows how to make a good iPhone and iPad game. Creating Cut the Rope, ZeptoLab has shown that big games can be […]

Regarding followup of Apple’s new release of iOS 7.0.4, we have got many doubts about the safety of updating to the latest version 7.0.4 software. Full details about the untethered or tethered jailbreak and how to update and what actually this new iOS firmware version released for, can be grabbed right after this break. Although […]

Following last Wednesday’s announcement of a significant update that would bring support for iOS 7’s Notification Center alerts to the Pebble SmartWatch is live now. Apple has approved Pebble’s app update, enabling the new functionality for Pebble owners. The Retina iPad mini 2 is official now, can be purchased from Apple’s Online Stores or nearby […]

Pebble unveiled a significant update (developer tools) that allow for motion- and gesture-tracking apps for its smartwatch, now supports any Notification Center alert which can be pushed directly to the smart watch. Pebble is credited with kicking of the current Smartwatch boom, taken off on crowdfunding site KickStarter and yielding the backing of over 80,000 […]

Clocking in at just under three minutes, Director Albert Belli outed this short clip that pokes at Apple’s new iOS 7, “Cause of Death”, which targets some of the bugs (woes) early adopters have reported about the new iOS 7 operating system. Created a short video on the basis that iOS 7 is not a […]