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Google has pushed a new layout design to the Google Plus Circles section of its social networking site. Google+ for iOS app gets updated with major change of instant photo uploads, a feature that Android users having for some time now. Details after the jump! Google designed the +Circles section of Google plus to make […]

Picnik is an online photo editing app for your browser. It gives real people photo editing superpowers. It’s fast, easy, and offers tons of powerful tools, artistic effects, stickers, frames, touch-ups, scrap booking tools and more. Picnik launched in September 2007 and in the past few years has amassed millions of happy fans on the […]

Google has taken an interesting step today by adding a feature to one of its products which will be  determined of another. With the help of growing social network video sharing features made very easy. Google+ is a very good way to search our favorite videos. Majority of the independent video which we all watch […]

Have you noticed that now a days Google plus pages are increasingly becoming a part of Google search results, and increasing public spat about Google and Twitter. Details after the jump! Even though Google is not providing the most reverent social results, Twitter argues by promoting Google+ in search results. Meanwhile, Google has implied and […]

You aren’t Google+ user? Well! today, Google has announced to include the Google plus to deeply integrated into the Gmail and  Google Contacts. All the Gmail users can add people from whom they receive emails to their Google+ circles. They can also filter emails and contacts by circles, and use their correspondents’ Google+ profiles to […]

Google has just rolled out an update to the Google+ iOS App compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, plus bringing it up to version which brings the new features to the G+ application for Apple’s iOS devices. The new Google+ app update to iOS lets you upload full resolution photo direct from your […]

Google has released a Major Update for iPhone , iPad and iPod Touch users of its Social Network App: Google+ . This Update for iOS Devices , bringing ability to access Google Apps, including usage with Custom Domains which are Hosted through Google. To Compete with the likes of Facebook, Google announced its Plus Service […]

Google+ for iOS Update Download – Google plus for iPad and iPhone updated with Hangout Video Chat support and Messenger . Google+ update for Android with HANGOUT Video Chat , which brought free Google+ signup for general public by closing the invitation based signup. Google an  Online Search Giant and Social Networking has Updated its […]

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