Google Music

Are you an Android user? No! no problem, wish have read this latest update on the new cloud service  made by search giant called “Google Play”. What is Google Play? Find out all that you haven’t aware of. Details after the jump! Google has taken a step toward unifying its digital media service, Google today […]

We had covered how you can use Google Music outside the United States with the help of some Tor browser bundles, and simple tricks, which worked better. Today we are here to guide you on how you can access Google Music and create Account outside the USA. Google launched their most awaited Music Store, music […]

Google Music was left beta stage four days ago and was made available for all in the United States. Sign-up to play without an invitation. Today we came across simple method involves Tor (the anonymity network) which enables Google Music outside the USA. Check this out after a break. The method comes directly from Engadget […]

So, today the iTunes finally gets the competitor. As previously rumored, Google has updated its Music app with the long-waited Google Music Store. Google has announced the official release of their Google Music platform for Android devices. No longer in beta form, Google Music was announced at “These Go To Eleven”, music event, introduced Google […]

News : Apple could see the most significant iTunes challenger emerge as early as October say Music Industry Sources. Google’s Music Store may not be just about Android. Three days back, there were several Top Stories like MacBook Pros, the Apple’s Co-Founder Steve Jobs Biography now Download via iBooks and Kindle. Google’s Rumored Music Store […]

Google+ (Plus) Integration within Google Music Store Launch in Two Weeks Within Two Weeks The Google Store of Music will be  Launched. With Google+ Integration, Google Set To Launch Google Music Store , which is a Cloud-Based Locker for upto 20000 Songs with a Web-based Media Player. Play Google Music with Google+ and to Compete […]

Google Music for iOS Web App – How to Use Google Music and Listen Music from Google on iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone . Google Music for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Download available as Web App . This Google Music Service remains in Invite-only Beta, but Google has expanded the Functionality of its Google […]

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