Rovio, being a part of the Angry Birds franchise has today rolled-out two new trailers from the forthcoming installment, dubbed Angry Birds Stella. Game for smartphone was first teased in February this year, and will officially launch on September 4. Stay tuned! The Finnish (not Nokia) mobile gaming giant has apparently announced the release date […]

Sony is all set to fire its latest slim and light portable gaming console “PlayStation Vita” in India this month, as part of the Borderlands 2 Limited Edition bundle priced at $199 (almost Rs. 12,000) in the US. As reports surfaced from Indianvideogamer, the slim and lightest PlayStation Vita (PCH-2000) will carry the same price […]

Now that Volve’s Steam Machine have established an interesting project as far as the age-old problem of making PC gaming mainstream goes. Announced on the last day of E3 2013, SteamBoy is an independent project by a group unaffiliated with Valve, aimed in bringing a little Personal Computer gaming to players’ pocket. Full details after […]

What would you get with the latest system update for your Nintendo 3DS? Now you can record 3D video up to 10 minutes of glasses-free 3D video using Nintendo’s 3DS camera and not only that this new upgrade also brought some folders and many more. Details after this jump! In addition to launching a new […]

iPhone users or any smart phone users doesn’t have enough space to play proper games, because of its limited functions we go get PS3 or PSP and now by attaching a analog Joystick to your phone you can enjoy it directly on your touch screen devices. The research group at Keio University has the answer […]

There are several Gaming consoles which have been one of the hottest picks, that improved the quality and standards of portable gaming devices. With the Nintendos, Xbox 360’s, PlayStation 3, etc, of the new age advanced gaming consoles are now equipped with powerful graphic cards now available for PC, those are capable of running high […]

If you are a big gamer then you will be having an opportunity to check out the Mass Effect 3, and can’t watch the full action are now pleased that the highly anticipated Mass Effects 3 demo is live and available to download and play. The launch of Mass Effects 3 final date is set […]

Want to play footbal games on your Sony Ericsson, then download Fifa 12 which is now available exclusively for the Xperia Play and other SE Xperia devices, including the Xperia Arc S, The Xperia Arc, Xperia Ray, Xperia Pro and the Xperia Neo.   The Fifa 12 for the above listed Sony devices can be […]

The new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta today gone live on stream with the version which is now available for those few who have access to a beta key. Whilst the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is still under development, Valve have limited the user base to 10,000 players and juts two maps, Dust and Dust 2. Here’s the […]

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