Now the time comes with great news, the Android mobile OS – 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Samsung Galaxy S II (2) has been a long time coming but it seems that the wait will soon gone. Samsung few weeks ago confirmed that both the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note will surely […]

The United States customers are kept wiating were as Euroepan users got it early this weeek the most awaiting The Facebook app for the PlayStation Vita.However there are still some kinks to be worked out. The Eurogamer reports say that the apps has been pull-something that is able to confirm on our devices. Although every […]

Highly successful game Angry Birds has finally launched on the Facebook network, but we have some good news and some bad news as well, and what are they. Considering the fact that Angry Birds has nearly achieved world domination, it seemed rather bizarre that the world’s biggest and most successful mobile game hadn’t been released […]

Netflix for Android phones and tablets has just began rolling out the latest version of 1.7, the application came along with some bug fixes and brings more unique features. The major update got with the Netflix Android app is the Facebook sharing, that enables users within Latin America, Canada, The UK and Ireland to benefit […]

Twitter in not the only website censoring country, Google Blogger blogs have started doing the same. The main reason that the Internet giant is maintaining for this continuous move Twitter is redirecting users in India from the blogspot.com domain to the blogspot.in. In the coming weeks, web users be able to find the URL of […]

The most popular Social network, Facebook seems like just too much? just got adapt at reading through your friends’ stuff and were getting used to things the way they were? And now you are lost? I think i want the earlier style! Would you like the old Facebook look back? Then here’s the Google Chrome […]

Eager to find out the people who have unfriended you on the Facebook Social networking followers list. It was not really possible before, but now new Facebook Timeline feature lets you find out that. Till now the Facebook haven’t allowed you to see when someone removed from the friends list on the social network. Here’s […]

I am late to publish this amazing news, Facebook is rolling out Timeline apps platform, along with its launch partners giving users a wide variety of ways to share what they are currently doing. Facebook Timeline actually allows you to add apps to your timeline’s profile to share what you’re listening to, reading and more. […]

Today on Thursday, Facebook has began rolling out a new feature aimed at ramping up the social experience of listening to music online. Are you one of the active 800 million individuals across the globe with Facebook account, then you will be alreday noticed that some evolutionary changes which are happening to the Social Networking […]