I am not a big user of the said cloud storage service, but wanted to just summarize the coll things you can do with the Dropbox for Android, that has been now updated to version 2.1, brought the most wanted automatic uploading of Videos and photos. Updated Dropbox Android 2.1 includes the ability to automatically […]

Dropbox is a the one most popular cloud storage and sync service in the market today, it syncs seamlessly with popular mobile, desktop platforms such as Android, Linux, Windows, OS X, etc. When you first sign up it will give you a 2.5GB of free starting storage space, the company regularly gives away free space […]

Want to grab some additional Dropbox space for free? Dropbox normally provides only 2GB of free storage with its account. Good news is that for a special beta period you can get up to 4.5GB extra space, how? Details after the jump! Dropbox actually is testing their automatic photo and video uploading feature. The beta […]

With the latest Android UI, HTC Sense 4.0, the Taiwanese company is ready to launch sometime in few weeks, possibly with the rumored HTC Ville or HTC Edge, while PocketNow claims to have the low-down ahead of its release. HTC will be showing a new range of smartphones at MWC 2012 next month, the devices […]

You are been aware of BitTorrent client and is the backbone of modern P2P file sharing on the internet these days. The BitTorrent’s peer-to-peer communications protocol for sharing content has now introduced a new application called “Share”. The application acts as a cloud storage similar to how dropbox works. By using the BitTorrent’s new cloud-based […]

Have you registered for Dropbox account so that you can be able to store your files manually, and with this new web tool Dropbox Automator you can store more files, docs, photos, etc with more extended functionality. How can Dropbox Automator Automatically Processes Images, Text, PDFs. Details after the jump! What is Dropbox Automator ? […]

The latest Dropbox beta for desktop seems to be featuring an automatic photo importing. It would seem that prevention of your photos has now become a top preority for many. Apple introduced Photo streaming with iOS 5 launch, when Google provided Android users the option of automatically backing up their mobile shots to Google+. Today, […]

Think about file sharing service like Dropbox for Android, today gets updated to version 2.0. The free service that lets you bring photographs, documents, and videos what ever you like from anywhere and share them easily. Official blog announced Dropbox v2.0, which is now completely redesigned it Android application including many features. If you are […]

Apple’s iCloud brought several long-waiting features to the iOS and OS X, many are still waiting for Dropbox-like syncing service. However Apple haven’t gone that direction with the official release, here’s actually a way to trick iCloud into syncing files and folders between Macs, similar to Dropbox. Go through and we’ll show you the exact […]