The highly-anticipated has finally launched, Amazon after rolling out their Cloud Player for PC – officially! Now hits the Mac App Store. Delivered on its promise to Paly, manage and download all your music with ease in a simple, smarter, faster way to get the most of your favorite audio experience with the latest Amazon […]

On 17.10.2013 the much awaited Microsoft’s OS version of Windows 8.1 update was made available to download for free of charge. Windows 8.1 adds a layer of polish to the previous release, Windows 8, and here come fixes various annoyances. Here are some best tips in upgrading Windows 8.1 from earlier versions of Windows. Final […]

About SnapHack? The application would be the best alternative to save anything received by a Snapchat account, what I mean is as far as social photograph apps go, Snapchat has been the most popular than others, like of which most other app developer can only expect. Purely based on being able to send photos to […]