Well! the reports surfaced from the National Defense Magazine that Boeing is currently working on an highly-secure Android smartphone of all things. The company revealed earlier this week that they would soon be branching out into a slightly different market and planning to launch an own-brand super secure Android smartphone for military, government, and high-level […]

What was my first portable music instrument in 2009? Yes! you are right, the most popular iPod has become my first one to die for. Still its the worlds number one music player which retailing in good numbers when compared to people looking for a standalone music player, instead of preferring their smartphone’s inbuilt music […]

Ever thought that it could be possible to recharge your Android phone with water? Here’s that makes possible. Powertrekk by myFC is a new fuel cell charger that does just that. Details after the jump! “Powertrekk is an awesome charging system uses Powerpukks that contains sodium slicide which produceses hydrogen gas when combined with the […]

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