Finally after producing some of the best smartphone clones, Chinese OEMs are now targeting the “China Apple” handset, the Xiaomi Mi4, which is one of the top in-demand phone in the market at the moment, and is just being sold in very small numbers even in Xiaomi’s native region. Now, that got itself a clone! […]

Rumored that Motorola’s next-generation Moto G would be dubbed as Moto G2 aka Moto G+1, yet-to-be announced, but you can order its display assembly online. Yes! The upcoming device’s display is listed as available at the major Chinese online retailer Taobao. Although, the price of the smartphone’s display placed at CNY 350 (roughly $57 / […]

Just after the official announcement, the Xiaomi’s brand new flagship Mi4 smartphone has been put for sale in China. The Xiaomi Mi4 now available to buy! As per the listing seen on the main Xiaomi website, the 3G-only of the Xiaomi Mi4 16GB-White model is up for sale at CNY 1999 (roughly Rs. 19,400). According […]

Well! The China Mobile subsidiary in Suzhuo has quitely opened up (launched) reservations for the Apple’s new iPhone 5s and 5C orders starting from Monday local time. Its believed that Apple reportedly to bring the two iOS smartphones to the world’s largest wireless mobile carrier, admitting that the China Mobile has launched a reservation system […]

We have seen several fake Apple’s store’s in Chinese market, last year quite a few were discovered and then blocked by the authorities, unfortuantely laeving Apple products, China now targeting on Android products. Android has eaten up the world’s largest smartphone market, with the Google-owned OS said to account for more than half of all […]

As expected, Microsoft is launching its Windows Phone operating system in China with the release of the HTC Eternity, which is known as a HTC Titan device which generally comes with a 4.7-inch display and front and rear facing cameras. The first Windows Phone handsets todya has gone for sale in China. Good news for […]

Various rumors points different reports, about the Galaxy S III, but Korea today cite Samsung greater China President Kim Young-Ha saying that the company’s next Android flagship phone, the Galaxy S3, may be moved up by a month, from May to April. Previously said that the Samsung Galaxy S III would be announced some time […]

A week before there was news that lottery system for reservations of Apple iPhone 4S sales through its Hong Kong stores to confront sales agents after it suspended sales of the device at various locations in Mainland China. Last week Apple’s online stores in China has been out of stock since the astounding opening. After […]