Fujifilm, with its highly versatile core technologies has been continuously working hard in research and development in the global market since 78 years. The Japanese company although has stepped up to create a vast empire globally, it still invested an ample time on its new innovation presenting to us “INSTAX Share SP-1 Printer” code named […]

iPhone users or any smart phone users doesn’t have enough space to play proper games, because of its limited functions we go get PS3 or PSP and now by attaching a analog Joystick to your phone you can enjoy it directly on your touch screen devices. The research group at Keio University has the answer […]

Here’s something you have to see, a Vietnamese site called has manged to get the new iPad ahead of schedule, treating us with a video of the device’s unboxing and unveiling unknown specifications. The fact that Apple decided to allow customers to put through pre-orders for this new product launch means that email inboxes […]

Apple has announced the highly anticipated “The New iPad” with innovating features and the 3rd-gen iPad tablet brings the HD technology of iSight Camera poses with a 5-megapixel, capable of recording high definition videos in 1080p. Not only that you are going to enjoy those features when you purchase New iPad third-gen tablet. To get […]

What do you expect from the yesterday published report claiming that the new firmware version of iOS 5.1 will bring a new Lockscreen Camera icon, a slide that can be moved so quickly to access your iPhone’s camera instead of having to tab the homescreen button twice. According to Blogdoiphone claims to have obtained a […]

Ever thought that it could be possible to recharge your Android phone with water? Here’s that makes possible. Powertrekk by myFC is a new fuel cell charger that does just that. Details after the jump! “Powertrekk is an awesome charging system uses Powerpukks that contains sodium slicide which produceses hydrogen gas when combined with the […]