Already iOS 7 jailbroken with Evasi0n 7? Here’s one of the most popular and best Messages app alternative now available in Cydia as BiteSMS and with the official version 8.0.2 beta. Officially released and yesterdays version 8.0.1 beta was a leaked version and was quickly removed from the jailbreak store. Available for iPhone, iPad and […]

How jailbreaking goes live with waves. As promised the most popular jailbreak tweak – BiteSMS has finally hits the Cydia Store for iOS 7 jailbroken devices in the form of a beta release. It’s amazing to hear about the new tweaks and apps available in Cydia that should, hopefully, blow our minds and change the […]

With an early and surprised Evasi0n7 jailbreak release, the wait continues for an updated version of Cydia’s MobileSustrate which has been relegated to the background in favor of the release. Jay Freeman and his willing helpers have managed to get Cydia update for iOS 7, but the wait for a MobileSustrate announcement follows. With the […]

Get BiteSMS right now, the most popular, premium tweaks ever available on the Cydia store and functions as a full replacement for the native messages application that came along with the iOS. The developers of BiteSMS today released a new major updated version of BiteSMS. the current 6.0 release will seem a million miles away […]