Already in the stores there are several popular applications which has been downloaded many times and no point denying instant photo galleries that can be enjoyed on the iPad, when those comes from the most wanted instagram network. With the rising popularity of social media platform, surprisingly not, it should come as an instant applications […]

Right now, developers are ready to bring their project called “i4Siri,” which will hopefully bring the personal assistant legally to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Did you ever imagined that the Siri port would become legal for iPhone 4? Yes! you must thank the developers who are working hard on the project which can get […]

Merry Christmas to every human in the World. Are you ready to get a gift from the shoppers who offers you buying one to get one any product or game or smartphone, etc. Best Buy only for today, offering a buy one, get one deal on the 32 Giga Byte model of iPhone 4, which […]

A rumor surfaced on the web that iPad 3 will be released on the day of Steve Jobs’ Birthday, which is on February 24th. iPad 3 Release date is set for that day, according to some rumors say. Apple team is eager to launch iPad 3 on 24th February 2012 in the honor of Steve […]

After been updating to the newest version, now this news comes out as a tweet that an iPhone hacker Stefen Esser, known as i0n1c in the jailbreaking community, today tweets that he is now able to do an iOS 4.3.5 untethered jailbreak for some reason that we didnt asked him yet. That untethered jb not […]

I am thinking to make some changes to my iPhone. Which i bought it a few days back, like installing themes on my iOS device and recalibrate my iPhone’s home button too. Sometimes it strats to get a little laggy and unresponsive. I noticed that the iPhone home button not responsively working for me. The […]

Is there any iOS application that gives you basic remote access to your Mac or PC from your iPhone, iPad for Free? Yes! LogMeIn just released an iOS app that makes things easier. Details after the jump! LogMeIn is that kind of software which has been around for years now – Windows XP has been […]

How much of your MacBook Pro or Air lasts the battery life before it dies off. As soon as the battery indicator turns red, many rush to plug it in with electricity. Think about this, when you’re in an Airplane or on road going for a long drive, that makes it impossible to chagre MacBook […]

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