The iPad 3 rumors and reports are surfacing in the wild and in the past we published a post that, Apple is set to launch two new iPad tablets in this calendar year. While the third Retina Display iPad 3 To Launch In March – after a full calender year of current iPad 2, whilst an […]

The iPhone’s Awesome looking concepts are surfacing once again on the web. Since the iPhone 4S has been launched few months ago and now its starts for iPhone 5, iPad 3 rumors and design concepts. Today, Antonio De Rosa, founder of ADR studios, has pushed up another awesome iPhone 5 concept that will surely blow […]

The latest version of TinyUmbrella has released, so that every jailbreaker can save iOS 5.0.1 SHSH Blobs right now even if you didn’t update your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 to iOS 5.0.1 firmware. But it’s very important for all those waiting for to get an untethered jailbreak. We and many advice the jailbreakers to […]

We are near to the Apple’s iPad 3 release, but if the third generation iPad launched, Apple could reduce the price of iPad 2 to $299? The answer for this is quite unknown but, according to Digitimes, Apple would drop the iPad 2 price to $299 following the release of the 3rd generation iPad tablet. […]

Thinking of this looks very bad about the most popular manufacturers and fruit company, you had of course seen the constant fight between Apple and Samsung during the year 2011. Over the cource of the past year, Samsung has shamelessly grabbed Apple’s design of the iPod Touch, iPad 2 Smart Covr, iOS’ homescreen and tablet […]

Apple released the iMessage feature along with the iOS 5 launch to all the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users as an instant messenger. We had published two posts on how you can use iMessage on iOS 5 and how to setup iMessage on iOS 5 running devices posted here. Today, here’s some catch appeared […]

The Gizmon iCA classic case is here constructed from 32 different polycorbonate parts, which gives your iPhone a Vintage Camera look. Well! there are several other cases specially designed to make your iPhone or iPhone 4S look like a classic camera, and this iCA case looks like the best and realistic to date yet. Gizmon […]

The day before new year we published a post on how some iPhone hackers ported iOS apps to the Jailbroken Apple TV untethered, after some time the same iOS developers has also posted a variety of photos on their Twitter feed of iPad apps running fullscreen at 720p, rather than in the samll iPhone-oriented Windows […]

Have you ever thought to bring iOS applications onto your Apple TV set top box? Then, read this, a iPhone developer with the help of TheMudKip could be able to do that. Yesterday, as you know that Apple’s portable device “Apple TV 2G” got an untethered jailbreak for 4.4.4 following the pod2g’s iOS 5.0.1 untether […]