Apple is ready to target its next major market, while the Brazilian newspaper report says that the Brazilian government officially approved tax incentives that will allow Foxconn to being producing iPads in that Country. According to the Brazil’s news channel,, the news came out that the Barizil approves the Tax exceptions for the Foxconn […]

Once again a rumor surfaced on Apple’s next smartphone venture with a Foxconn employee report says that the next iPhone divice dubbed the “iPhone 5” is already pushed for production. A Foxconn employee has reportedly told 9to5Mac that the iPhone 5 is being geared up for production. If it’s true, then would indicate a summer […]

Samsung once again coming to the seen on touting its Galaxy S II smartphone. You can have a look at those two new ads video got by Samsung right from here. Samsung has got two latest ads mocking iPhone owners, you can check them in the embedded video below. Samsung’s first ad touting its Galaxy […]

Earleir in July 2010, The United States government pushed that the jailbreaking and unlocking Apple iPhones and ruled that rooting of Android devices was to be considered as a legal act, until the process wasn’t being carried out with the intention of circumventing copyright. You can have a look on the Article that outlined (jailbreak […]

The latest Apple’s A5 chip handset called the iPhone 4S was been facing battery drain problems by the users with that device. Though Apple confirmed that the device comes along with battery issues, it couldn’t fix these issues. Apple pushed iOS 5.0.1 to fix battery drain on iPhone 4S ,  but users reported that they […]

Today we will talk about the text editor called VIM or MacVim rather than XCode editor. The powerful VIM text editor is a longstanding favorite among the developers and system administrators. Now this text editor VIM has been ported over to the iPad and iPhone and available for download from App Store. The latest version of […]

Are you an Apple device owner and want to arrange iOS apps into one folder? Then, this tip will surely help you if you have bunch of apps on your iPhone or iPad. Organizing iOS apps, means rearranging the iPhone apps and iPad tweaks into a box on your home screen. How were you able […]

The first voice assistant was integrated into the Apple’s iPhone 4S which the world have been enjoying the various benefits of Siri over several months, by talking advantages of all the features which is to be the next generation intelligent virtual assistant provides. There are already many fake Siri apps for Android devices were available […]

There are various jailbreak tweaks now available on your jailbroken iOS device, and when we talk about the iPhone 4S users, who got their jailbreak and Cydia launched on their devices. While Siri is that feature does many things, but one thing iPhone 4S users have been waiting since the phone was released back in […]

Have you jailbroken your iPhone 4S? No! then do it right now by using the Greenpois0n Absinthe jailbreak tool for Mac OS X and Windows released for download. Chronic Dev Team has officially rolled out the A5 untethered jailbreak utility. Today we will talk about some best jailbreak tweaks and how you can install Cydia […]