Android Apps

If you are an Android device owner which haven’t yet got the market .apk then you probably can’t download the latest apps released. Since the Android mobile operating system is a strong, but lacking the Android Internet support community and without an adequate Android support system in place, many Android users are left in the […]

There are several ways you can find in Android devices, which has the ability to set up customized by your own (user) in ways that iOS users don’t have. With the help of Timeriffic for Android, the application which has been updated v1.09.12 lets you set up custom WiFi, 3G/4G, custom notification sounds, ringtones, and […]

Multi-touch is graciously sought-after attribute on our touch-based devices at this point in time. furthermore it give the impression of the larger screen, the higher the demand, as users look to take benefit of the compounded display real estate with as sundry shrugs as on the cards. Multi-touch technology began in 1982, when the University […]

The Instagram is one of the most popular social networking and photo-filtering sharing apps on the iPhone. Now for Android version of the app is coming really soon as the most awaiting social networking app to revolve around photography, and that’s across any platform that we can think of. We have been listening about this […]

We have already witnessed some simple-to-use file-transferring apps like EZ Drop and DropSpot, Now one more application called X-Link for Android devices is available in the market to transfer files over Wifi without any account. Though the X-link works similar to EZ Drop in transferring files, the difference is that when you consider that a. […]

An emancipated 50 Giga Bites of cloud storage has been offered by Box to the Android Users. A new version of app with prodigious offer of box was just released. So that all the Android users can benefit 50GB of free cloud storage which was offered by the Box. Great! Android users can easily work […]

What is Swype and for which reason we use. Actually, Swype works as the name suggests; allowing Android users or iOS users or any smartphone users to make one continuous movement across the device’s keyboard, simple moving across each and every letter individually. The patented technology recognizes the desired word, allowing up to forty words […]