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Thanks to the United States President ‘Obama’ for signing a bill into law that sought to clear things up (Unlocking iPhone and other smartphones now 100% legal) a little more. Mobile phone unlocking is now legal in the U.S. Opens the floodgates to easily unlockable phones in some regions in the America. Now T-Mobile would […]

Skype is now talking full advantage of your phones address book to easily contact your friends, with updating its app version to Skype 5.0 for Android, it takes the communication tool and brings it closer to the Android experience by merging your phone’s contact list. Full details after this break! The Skype 5.0 update will […]

One of the best digital music streaming app, Spotify posted on its company blog that it has been hacked in small-scale and only affects those on Android. No panic! The fiasco has been noted, acknowledged, and a remedial update is apparently be available on Google Play Store. Soon or later! Although, Spotify has concluded that […]

Smartphone users these days rely on wireless network and if they can’t find carrier WiFi service, no problem – Google trails WiFi Passport app that provides Wi-Fi via a wide-range of hotspots in Jakarta and Indonesia. About the new WiFi Android app can be grabbed after the break! Good option for Jakarta and Indonesia natives, […]

Google has in the past released an application called ‘Google Wallet‘ for Android devices that now became a lot more competitive to PayPal. Google now released yet another substantial update to its Google Wallet Android app, which now onwards doesn’t requires a handset that’s compatible to NFC technology. Full details about Google Wallet update, can […]