T-Mobile Releases Official Unlocking App For Smartphones Legally!

Thanks to the United States President ‘Obama’ for signing a bill into law that sought to clear things up (Unlocking iPhone and other smartphones now 100% legal) a little more. Mobile phone unlocking is now legal in the U.S. Opens the floodgates to easily unlockable phones in some regions in the America.

Now T-Mobile would the first and foremost to bring mass-unlocking to the people via its newly launched smartphone unlocking app, named ‘Device Unlock’. Freeware app is now available to download directly from the Google Play Store. But it’s not all good news anyway!

Now it's legal, T-Mobile has a new 'Device Unlock' app that lets you unlock your phone officiallyWhy? For starters, this T-Mobile unlocking phone app currently only works and unlocks one type of phone, which is priceless to say that the least. If you’re currently owning the Samsung Galaxy Avant and want it unlocking though, then, you’re in luck!

And, if you aren’t toting that, then you’re going to have to wait long. Got no idea why this app won’t eventually work with other phones, jsut hoping an update or two will soon sort this  exclusive issue out. For instance, if you have the Galaxy Avant, you’ll certainly be able to choose between temporary or permanent unlock with the former designed for those who are going overseas and simply need to be able to put a SIM from a foreign country into their low-priced Android phone.

Notably, when you choose the permanent unlocking with your phone, then there’s no going back! T-Mobile’s own FAQ lays out the specifics about what actually is required in order to gain an unlock for your phone with the contract being fully paid and the handset not having been reported stolen being at the top of the list.

Worth checking it and reading the guidelines, below:

T-Mobile will now unlock selected smartphones via an app, not the iPhoneRight now it’s clear to say that the newly released T-Mobile’s ‘Device Unlock’ app is fully a scrap and useless to anyone who doesn’t happen to own a device that supports it. Now, we can hope something that can make many happy with more devices supported sooner rather than later, such as an iPhone unlock! Don’t expect it in reality!

Finally, if you really hold Samsung smartphone which aforementioned all the time above, then you’re free to simply download the Device Unlock app from the link provided below.

(Download: Device Unlock for Android on the Play Store)