Sync with Google Tasks “GooTasks” for iPod Touch and iPhone Available in App Store

On the Apple App Store the Runware Company has announced the publication of GooTasks for iPhone and iPod Touch. What is this GooTasks ? Many have this question in mind and the answer for this is GooTasks is the first application for managing task lists which can Sync with multiple Google Accounts(Google Tasks are available with Google Calendar or Google Mail”Gmail”) and this GooTasks App is free of cost.

Google with an iPod Touch and iPhone, this GooTasks is a well simple thought but, effective application to Syncronize and even manage Google Tasks. As  GooTasks is compatible with task lists, subtasks (indented tasks by swipe it with your finger), due dates, “in App alerts”, notes, and manual reorganization of tasks. Now in your Pocket with GooTasks, which is the power of Google Tasks, as said by the Olivier Pascal, who is the founder of Runware Company.

By using the Same Google Account, this GooTasks have a native support for multiple accounts for sharing tasks with your Family, friends, and even co-workers. With an integrated solution aimed at Businesses wishing to use Google Services with their own Domain Name, this GooTasks is also compatible with Google Apps Accounts. As GooTasks supported languages are US English and French.

Price and availability of GooTasks app for iPhone and iPod Touch

GooTasks for iPhone, iPod Touch Sync Google Task Lists

In the Productivity Catefory through the Apple Store, This GooTasks 3.0 is free and available Worldwide and Exclusive and connecting to Google Apps accounts is reserved for the Premium version of the Application and upgrading to the Premium version can be made dirctly in the application for a price of $4.99 in USA(United States of America).

Download Sync with Google Tasks “GooTasks” for iPod Touch and iPhone