Sync Any Folder With Dropbox Folder Automatically On Your PC – How to

Automatically Synchronize:Folder to Dropbox Folder with Dropbox Folder Sync – Any Folder to Dropbox Folder Synchronization Possible . How to Sync:Folder to Dropbox Folder using Dropbox Folder Sync Add-on . Not only Synchronize Dropbox Folders, but you can also Encrypt DropBox Files and also Let your Friends Share Files directly to your Dropbox Account with Fliestrok .

Want to Know About Dropbox:

Dropbox is one of the most preferable online storage & backup service in the world. It stores 2GB of free online storage and premium is also available. We can backup our files with this dropbox. We need not backup to the online everytime. Just drop you want to be stored online in to the Dropbox folder on your Desktop(It is created when install dropbox desktop client). You have to do only be connected to internet so that your files automatically get backup in to the online Dropbox account. YOu can access this access data anywhere in the world.

If you want to synchronize a music folder to your online Dropbox, first you have to drop the files in to your desktop dropbox folder. You need some software that can automatically sync any folder on your Desktop to the Dropbox folder which makes very easier. These sync files can be stored in Dropbox Add-on called Dropbox Folder Sync. Then follow the How To Guide Given Below

How To Sync Any Folder With Dropbox Folder On Your PC Easily

Step 1: First you need to Download Dropbox Folder Sync Software and install it. To get Drobbox Folder Sync installed , you will be needing .NET Framework 4.0 . Download it too if necessary and complete the installation of both.

Step 2 : Dropbox Folder Sync installation Completes , just you go to the folder that you want to sync with the Dropbox folder on your PC and right click on it.

Step 3: After that click on Sync:Dropbox option such that the folder will get automatically synchronized with Dropbox folder on your PC .

For an example:- if you synchronized music folder with Dropbox folder on your PC, then you add some more files into the music folder it will automatically get synchronized with the Dropbox folder on your PC which gets synchronized to the online Dropbox Account automatically. ( Folder synchronized with Dropbox folder -> Dropbox folder -> Dropbox Online Account)

Automatically Sync:Folder to Dropbox Folder using Dropbox Folder Sync

Now you need not move any of your files manually to your dropbox account because they will get automatically synchronized. If you dont want to synchronize them anymore just right-click on the same folder and you select option Unsync.That is it, you have Successfully Synchronized Folders to Dropbox Account Automatically . For How to Protect Dropbox Folder with Password