Start8 For Windows 8 App Will Bring Back The Start Menu On PC Desktop

Now a days trending topic is Windows 8 which has been downloaded over 1 million times in its Consumer preview in its first day of release, but several long time Windows users like me on the PC aren’t happy with Start Menu, and not familiar on how to access on the desktop version of Windows 8. Well! for all those who are unhappy with Windows8CP, here’s a good news for them to make Start menu work easier. Details after the jump!

Some words about Windows 8 Consumer Preview, i am a big fan of Windows, OS X and Linux operating systems in installing them, dual booting them using USB Flash drive and so on. Apart from this, i love the newly released Windows 8 CP version, and when i first time installed and run on my computer i was too not familiar with the Start Menu. While you see the screenshot below taken from my computer you can see the Start menu there and in that menu you can see the Desktop too, by clicking it it actually looks like you are using Windows 7.

Apart this, the company decided to do something about it. Today, Wardell and Stardock announced plans to release Start8, a free Windows 8 app that will enable the Start menu on the desktop like many old Windows users prefer it; on the bottom left corner of the screen. The app will also have a Run and Shutdown option when you right click on the menu. Screenshot below:

Wardell describes about the app on his own blog post:

“I like Metro, I really do – for tablets. But as a desktop user, I need a consistent work flow that lets me have my windows together on my desktop and don’t want to be jerked out of that environment every time I want to start some new program.”

While this application is not yet available but the Start8 web page has an E-mail form so users can sign up to be alerted when the Windows 8 app is released, could be expected later this weekend.

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