Stardock’s Start8 For Windows 8 Released, Get Back Start Menu Right Now – Download

Yesterday, we published an article on how you can bring the Windows 8 start menu back using the Start8 app for Windows 8 Consumer Preview. As promised, Stardock has released that application for all the Windows users.

This free Start8 application offers users of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview version a way to launch the familiar Start menu in Windows 8’s desktop user interface. The Start8 web page lets people type in their email address and then Stardock will send a link to that email with the download link.

We have several other ways to enable the version of start menu in Windows 8 Desktop, while this public app released specially for Windows 8. It not only adds a start menu, but also offers a way to search for your Windows 8 apps. You can do same as how you do in the previous version of Windows 7, Vista or XP, simply by choose to put in a custom Start menu button. Finally, the Start8 app comes with Run and Shutdown options by right clicking on the menu.

Here’s How to Install Start8 and get back Windows 8 Start Menu [Video]

Stardock has not yet announced plans to release an Object Desktop version for Windows 8.

Download Start8 App for Windows 8 Consumer Preview